"One on One Wardrobe Consultation" in Your Home

Wardrobe consultation

We all, at one time or another, have stood staring at a forest of hanging garments in our closets, wondering: ‘what can I possibly wear today’.

We can change that as I will help you re-arrange, edit, decide on what to throw away, give away, alter or repair.

We’ll focus on one separate piece at a time: pants, skirts, tops, jackets, shawls, stoles, sweaters, wraps.
Move on to dresses: day, evening, and seasonal.

One of the reasons we pass on an outfit in our closet over and over is because it simply, does not fit. We will get past that by trying it on, discuss the merits: good fabric, classic style, still current, etc. Decide it’s a keeper and place it in the alteration stack.

Accessories, used creatively, can be one of the most important elements in developing your style and image. Each piece should be displayed and arranged for easy accessibility.

Bracelets, belts, earrings, broaches, pins, rings, sunglasses, necklaces, handbags, shoes,
Boots, hosiery, scarves, all play an important role in developing our look.

A list can be made of what needs to be purchased; we always seem to have more tops than bottoms.

We’ll talk about make-up, skin care and hair styles.

Posture and the importance of CLAIMING YOUR SPACE when you walk into a room.

It will be fun, I promise. Let’s get started.

$250.00 per hour, 2-hr minimum



Contact: HelenMartinStyle@gmail.com