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Question and Answers with Helen Martin


This and That ~~

Color and more color - all the brights you have ever loved - wear them with your bright coral/pink and true red lip colors.

Lightly bronze your face, add glow just above your cheek bones and don't forget to add a touch of white eye shadow at that spot just between your nose and where your eyelid starts.  I like to add a light pink gloss under my eyebrows as well.

Remember: it's all about the fit! If it's a pencil skirt make sure it fits snugly, and stop with those tiny cut off raggedy denim shorts that fit like underpants on your bottom, choose tailored shorts that fit well and look sporty smart and sleek...

Sun dresses are wonderful but sorry, I don't  like to see those long things in cheap fabric that drag the floor worn with flat sandals  at 10:00 AM in the morning. Did you sleep in that - too many of them look like night gowns.

More later... 


Colors to love ~~

Emberglow and Honeysuckle paired together make for a delightful combination. Emberglow's shade is more persimmon than orange. Luscious Honeysuckle teamed with Coffee Liqueur makes a bold statement.

One of the scrubbed colors I love is called Orchid Hush; a unique shade that "reminds us of morning mists." Quarry is another muted shade of lighter, softer medium gray and reflects hues and shades in an Italian Rock Quarry.

Carmel colored Nougat works with most of the color palette.

Cedar and Bamboo; colors rooted in nature are timeless. 

Deep Teal and Rich Purple are the strong shout out colors for fall.

Make your fall wardrobe count with some of these colors; one important piece or in accessories like a bracelet, scarf or a smart pair of shoes. 

Glamor-up; Why Not You, Why Not Now!

Stay well, Helen



Jeans and swimsuits - toughest fits, depressing try-ons and still can't find what you want. I wrote an article for Todays Dallas Woman magazine.  Let me give you the opening paragraph:

For we women of a certain age, these two words conjure up horrible images of fitting-room battles; putting on; taking off; trying to put on; calling for help to get it off.  Finally, after you have tried on every suit or pair of jeans in the store, spent a couple of hours wrestling with clothes that should fit, you call a truce, back away from the three-way mirror, change into your street clothes and wave good-bye to the size 4, 5 foot 10 inch  sales associate.

That scenario never has to happen to you again.

Let's start with jeans.  If you haven't heard of the designer name Not Your Daughters Jeans, please try them.  For me, this jean collection is the answer to perfectly fitting jeans.  I buy several at a time, especially the black ones.  White and dark blue denim are a staple in my closet.  Order them on line or Nordstrom's always has a full line for you.

Now, for swimsuits.  'Thank goodness for the tankini!' The tank-top style covers your tummy and small of your back, but leaves a little skin showing above the bikini bottom. Perfect!

I did see a wonderful bandeau bikini top with a small skirted bottom; very pretty, but I do not have a smooth, so, it is not for me......I really is lovely and flattering if you want to show off more skin.......I say, go for it!



Accessory Tips


Make up is always fun

Re: red lipstick – keep the face neutral, otherwise strong eyes shadow or too much contouring clashes and comes off too done up.
A couple of tricks from the stars*

Add a drop of pearlescent highlighter to your moisturizer or foundation to get that red carpet glow.
Blend white shimmer eye liner on the inner corners for a candle light effect.

*Stylelist beauty

I have light olive tone skin and use a bronze blush as well as plum/rose
Another trick I use, especially for evening and this is suitable for all skin tones. After completing you make up, lightly apply loose powder bronzer in golden all over.
I love Sonia Kashuk bronzer powder, it is made in Italy and Target carries it.

Remember heavy mascara to pop your eyes, even adding a few false eyelashes especially at the outer lid. I have tried every eyeliner in the book and still the best is black eyeliner pencil, keep your point sharpened or if you have a steady hand: black liquid liner, smudge it around with a Smokey charcoal eye shadow, stronger at the outer corners and a touch of pink under the brow. Now you look alluring!

Is seasonal dressing still alive and well?

Yes and no, in many areas seasonal dressing is almost a thing of the past , gabardine and wools are worn all year round, colors still tend to be bright for spring and darker for fall, but this year, leather has been showing up in Spring runway fashion shows. Designer, Camilla Staerk says: “Wear them (leather skirts) with tights and a fitted sweater now; bare legs and a T-shirt in Spring.

I am frequently asked if I had only one piece of advise to give that would help women achieve a polished image; what would that be?

My answer: Posture

Stand up straight - sit up - don’t slouch - hold your head up. All those things mom used to say over and over again, well, she was right.

Let’s practice……. Stand up with knees slightly bent, pull in your tummy, lift your rib cage out of your waist, let your arms and hands fall naturally to your sides, think long neck and using your thigh muscles and your core muscles, (remember those yoga classes) move with purpose as you glide across the floor. Beautiful!

There are so many undergarments out there that claim to be slenderizing. What do you suggest?

Wow! Let’s start with wanting your clothes to look and fit smoothly over your body, manufacturers like Spanks make garments that smooth out some of our unsightly lumps and bumps, especially around our middle; front and back. A sensible addition to your wardrobe, indeed.
If you just have to get into that size 8 skirt and you are now a 10, then you need a reinforced girdle, or control panty hose. Note, I suggested only skirts or dresses for the girdle or control panty hose. Under no circumstances do I suggest wearing control panty hose or panty girdles under jeans or slacks. They flatten and distort your bottom, giving you an unnatural look and adding years to your age.