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                 Hi everyone! Welcome to my Style and Image Website                                                                 

This website is produced, written and dedicated to every woman who demands to be master of her universe; who understands the meaning of “claiming your space”. Having the confidence of walking into a room and knowing you look fabulous. Looking good, creating “your own style” frees you up to be bold, to take risks, to relax and enjoy ‘the moment’. Go ahead, wear that long red silk scarf over your turquoise sweater set.

For thousands of us, wanting to find that groove, wanting to feel, look and act - not younger – but modern, current, active and attractive at any age.

I reject the notion that some women feel their “glamorous time” has passed. Women and Glamour – it’s the same thing!

We, as women, do not want to look like our daughters, our nieces, dress like the ingénues on the red carpet or try to look younger. We want to find our own personal style, our place; defining us.

I hope to challenge, inform and inspire women of all ages to reach their highest potential.

Let’s ‘Glamour Up.’ Why NOT You? Why Not NOW?

Talk to me……. Helen Martin



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